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  Djemter the last city  

In this 3D, First person  game, your goal is to know what happened to the previous team which landed the city before you do.

The city is protected and you have to resolve some clues before you can enter the dome.

Step by step you will know what was this world before ... and what it will be in futur ...

Good game and enjoy!



This game includes no sex, no violence, it's a game for all public!

                                   Landing! (external view 1)                                                      external view 2


                                                                                                 external view 3

                                         Geck the lizard                                                                          Light box?


                                         Tapestries room                                                                 Inside a house


                                                                                       inside the dome

Versions informations:

Demo version

Windows 32b (7/8/10) demo version (free) : Djemter_X86_1_0_6c

Windows 64b (7/8/10) demo version (free) : Djemter_64_1_0_6c

MacOSX                       demo version (free) : Djemter_mac106c5

Full version

Windows 32b (7/8/10) full version (12$) : Djemter_2021_1b_R5EF_32b

Windows 64b (7/8/10) full version (12$) : Djemter_2021_1b_R5EF_64b

MacOSX                       full version (12$) : Djemter_2021_1b_R5EF_Univ


Start with demo is recommended for checking your system has sufficient video performance.

These versions keep previous backup after installation.
For starting in full version, it is highly recommended to delete all saves you made in the demo (or game) before installing a new version.

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Buy Now
On Sale!
66% Off
$14.80 $5.03 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5.03 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Djemter_2021_1b_R5EF_32b_setup.exe 521 MB
Djemter_2021_1b_R5EF_64b_setup.exe 522 MB
Djemter_2021_1b_R5EF_Univ.zip 746 MB

Download demo

Djemter_64_1_0_6c_setup.exe 78 MB
Djemter_X86_1_0_6c_setup.exe 77 MB
Djemter_mac106c5.zip 115 MB

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